La Rambla, Adelaide – best Spanish tapas restaurant in town

When I arrived into Adelaide, it was a Sunday evening and I was surprised at just how quiet the streets of the city centre were.  Later, a friend explained that – at the weekends – the CBD is quiet as most Adelaidians live in one or other suburb and each of those areas has its own restaurants, bars and social life.

The hotel reception weren’t aware of anything open nearby apart from some fast food joints…

So off on a search I went, online and physically, to find a snack palace to satisfy my salty urges!

The name La Rambla kept cropping up and I wandered in that direction, within 0.5km of the hotel for a wee look.

I was delighted to find it open and a bar seat available for solo travellers to perch, order a glass of local red and peruse the menu in the practical zero-lighting inside!

Asparagus is my literal favourite vegetable so that was the first thing I ordered!  Often a Spanish tapas place will use white asparagus (this seems to be most common in Spain) but here it was green.  I wasn’t complaining as I prefer that.  The sauce was a fresh and delicious romesco sauce.


The lighting makes my next choice look plastic and weird!  This was a black and blue steak with a blue cheese dressing. There was too much of the latter, which I scraped off to one side, but the steak was done to perfection.


The final dish was not something I’d had in Spain before – patatas bravas with a garlic dressing, topped with poached eggs, which form a kind of sauce on the potatoes.  This portion was much too large (clearly designed for family-style servings) but it tasted good!


I liked this place so much, I returned with friends on my last night in Adelaide. A nice way to top and tail the experience!


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