Burger 54, Buenos Aires – save your pesos

Restaurant: Burger 54
Location: Av. Santa Fe 1946, C1123 CABA, Argentina
Opening Hours: 11.30am-12am every day
Website: https://burger54.com.ar

Fancy burger places abound in most countries I have visited. Mostly, the ‘premium’ for which they charge is found in the quality of the beef… its weight, preparation, seasoning, cooking.

The premium price has reached Buenos Aires, but I am afraid to share with you that the quality aspect has not reached Burger 54.

The design and website are well considered – the ethos reads well and I felt drawn in to give it a go.

Large parts of the menu are in English and some in Spanish. However, ordering was a struggle for the ‘English’ parts.  I was embarrassed to have to pronounce English with a Spanish accent to complete my order.

The layout is similar to any standard (lower cost) burger joint. The tables are huge chunks of wood, although the aluminium chairs squeal noticeably as people shift or leave.

There was quite a number of staff on the main floor, but none of them were focused on cleaning up dirty tables. This made finding a clear spot to sit was a crapshoot. More attention to cleanliness is needed.

The fact I’m about to mention the side first should let you know that I’m putting off a bad report on the main. You’d be right. The egg was cooked nicely and I liked the dried herb and salt mixture. The chips were so dry that they were all crisp and no fluffiness. A ‘no’ from this Irishman.

This burger ‘bap’ or bun is advertised as ‘brioche’ at Burger 54 and it’s the second time I have encountered it. It does not match the sweet and light brioche I am familiar with from French or Irish bakeries, which is totally fine. Here it’s a kind of damp or overly moist bread and I do not find it pleasant to eat as a burger-holder. It might have its place elsewhere.

The burger was gristly and hard to eat. I persisted for three mouthfuls and had to stop. This was not to my taste and I can’t work out who might like it. McDonalds would be nicer and half the price. Don’t waste your pesos.

[Review from 2017]

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