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Starbucks: I’m making no apologies

I’m not making a single apology for being very glad to see Starbucks in Buenos Aires.  “But aren’t there loads of amazing Argentinian coffee places?”

Well, yes and no.  Yes, of course, some lovely ones.  I tried them too, depending where I was.  No, some don’t make great coffee.  Like anywhere.

This one was well located just off Av. Santa Fe.

However, Starbucks has fast and reliable free wifi, loads of seats, it’s perfectly normal to show up on  your own with a computer, plug it in to charge and potter around online over a skinny vanilla latte or two.

They change the larger $50 peso notes and don’t mind!!

And they always get my name wrong, which is very charming.  Today I am Patri of PlanetPatri!

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